Signature Fraud in Nevada: Attorney General Says Verification System “Basically Turned Off”

Earlier this week former Nevada state Attorney General Adam Laxalt told reporters the signature verification system in Nevada during the counting of ballots was essentially turned off.

This was on purpose.

Democrats needed to confirm thousands of votes as valid so they basically turned off the system that would verify hand signatures.

The Epoch Times wrote about this earlier this week.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that lawsuits filed by President Donald Trump could show that millions of ballots in Nevada were sent through the state machines without signatures being properly confirmed.

“In Nevada, they have a machine to verify mail-in ballot signatures,” he said on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday. “If you don’t have a signature on a mail-in ballot, then it’s useless. The machine was basically turned off.”

Graham then asserted that millions of ballots were run through the machine “whether it was fraudulent or not” as they would accept every signature. Trump’s team “may win that lawsuit,” he said.

Graham went on to say, “Signature verification in Nevada was meaningless because they set the computer up on a setting where it would approve anything.” credit

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