Current Election Update: Trump Ahead with Most States, Most EC Votes and Most Legitimate Votes In History – Biden Committing Greatest Fraud Ever

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Based on actual results and accounting for states still counting, recounting, under investigation or audit, or states with election issues now in the courts, President Trump is winning the 2020 Presidential Election.

Alaska was finally called by the corrupt media for President Trump.  For some unknown and no doubt sinister reason, the media decided not to call this state until all options to steal it were fully reviewed.

President Trump is currently winning the 2020 election with most states won and he holds the lead in the Electoral College (EC) voting.

The President now holds 232 EC votes to Biden’s 226.  The President has won 25 states to Biden’s 19.  There are 6 states still in question.

A number of states (44) have been called but a number (6) are still in question. Here is a list of those in question.

Pennsylvania – the Biden Democrats set the record for the most corruption in a single election in this state’s race.  President Trump led in Pennsylvania by 700,000 votes on election night but with more than a million votes counted since, Biden Democrats have pulled Biden to a 50,000 vote lead.  Democrats voted dead people.  They switched votes from President Trump to Biden in the hundreds of thousands through system ‘glitches’.  They received votes before they were sent out.  They ensured every elderly person in nursing homes voted Biden and much more.  On top of this they allowed people to vote for three days after the election.  This state is a mess.  Trump expects to win this race based on legitimate votes.  Biden hopes to win based on illegitimate votes.  Lawsuits are currently in place to address a portion of these issues.

Wisconsin – this state as well now shows Biden in the lead but early in the morning after the election more than 100,000 votes magically appeared in Milwaukee to surpass the President’s 100,000 vote lead. The current lead for Biden is only 20,000. Trump will likely win this state by a large margin after the corruption in Milwaukee is addressed.

Michigan – this state is as bad as Pennsylvania. Lawsuits are in place. In addition, over 100,000 votes were dumped in Detroit on election night all for Bidden.  Once the illegal votes are eliminated President Trump has a very good chance of winning this state as well.

Georgia – this state too has much fraud. The President was winning this state on election night by 100,000 votes. But after the election a program was put in place to basically harvest a number of ballots. Now Biden leads in this state as well. Once the harvested ballots are thrown out, this state will go to Trump.

Nevada – there is much fraud here as well. Signatures were not verified on hundreds of thousands of votes. It is likely that President Trump will win this state if the ineligible votes are eliminated.

Arizona – no one knows what the hell is going on there. Due to the delays in counting and recording a winner, it is likely this state is being stolen from President Trump as well. What a mess.

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