JP Sears Roasts World Health Organization On It’s Inconsistent Answers and Gaslighting Concerning COVID-19

JP Sears

In the video above, comedic reformer JP Sears uses parody to throw light on the inconsistent answers, hypocrisy, and gaslighting of the World Health Organization concerning the COVID-19 virus.

In this video JP portrays the role of an agent of the WHO operating a call center to answer questions about COVID-19.

Topics that JP refers to in the video include the fact that the test kits used to test for COVID-19 state on their packaging that they are not intended to diagnose COVID-19, yet most of the world is basing decisions that impact people based on the results of those tests.

Another point that JP makes is that the World Health Organization says that sunlight kills COVID-19, but in some places people are still forbidden from leaving their homes.

JP exposes the WHO further by pointing out that obesity has been listed as a high-risk, co-existing condition to make surviving COVID-19 more difficult. This in spite of the guidelines that governments have used to force gyms to close which prevent people from having access to exercise equipment that could help them lose weight.

Another point JP makes is that many small businesses have been forced by their state or city to close and that the impact of removing someone’s livelihood and ability to provide for themselves or their family can result in health issues or even deaths such as those by starvation or suicide. The WHO, CDC, and many governments have callously responded with nothing or even lied to local businesses about the risks of contracting COVID-19 from their businesses as in the case of the epic betrayal of local businesses by Mayor Cooper of Nashville, Tennessee.

Another item on the list of inconsistencies and hypocrisy is in the area of the actual seriousness of the virus that has shutdown the world. Even asking questions about such a thing can result in social-media censorship and, in some countries, being charged with a crime and arrested. JP portrays a man asking the simple question of why we don’t open back up since the death count has been lower in the United States for example, than the millions of deaths predicted by fear mongers back in February and March.

The WHO, of course, didn’t say why we shouldn’t get back to normal, but simply responded with a “no,” in JP’s video, similar to their real-life counterparts.

One must ask why we have given unelected people at the WHO or CDC such power over us and what it will finally take before we demand it back.

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