Here Come The COVID Sniffing Dogs!

Covid sniffing dogs

Dogs trained to detect the novel coronavirus began sniffing passenger samples at Finland’s Helsinki-Vantaa airport this week, authorities said, in a pilot project running alongside more usual testing at the airport.

Helsinki Airport deploys coronavirus-sniffing dogs in program aimed at ‘beating COVID-19’

The dogs are nearly 100% accurate, researchers say

Dogs sniffing for explosives and drugs are a common sight at airports around the world. But 10 dogs at the Helsinki Airport are searching for something potentially as dangerous.

A group of coronavirus-sniffing dogs were deployed at the airport for the first time on Tuesday, as part of a pilot program, according to Finnish airport operator Finavia. It’s the first airport in Europe, and the second in the world, to use dogs in the fight against the coronavirus.

“This might be an additional step forward on the way to beating COVID-19,” airport director Ulla Lettijeff said in a written statement.

Trained dogs can smell the coronavirus from 100 molecules or less — far less than the 19 million molecules used in PCR tests, according to Finavia. And research from the University of Helsinki has indicated dogs may have close to 100% accuracy in detecting the virus.

A similar program at Dubai International Airport, where the idea of coronavirus-sniffing dogs was first implimented, reported the dogs’ accuracy at 91%, Fox News previously reported.

Unlike lab tests, the dogs can even detect the virus before an infected person displays symptoms, according to the airport operator. full story

Questions from Rhett October:

Is it a crime to have COVID-19?

Do I have to be locked up because the dog says so?

If the dog is wrong and that is determined after I’m forbidden from getting on the plane, will my ticked be reimbursed?

Are you one of “the carriers”? This has reached unprecedented levels. Would you have believed two years ago that we would be at this point?

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