SHOCK REPORT: Mississippi – One of the Reddest States – Has Enough Anomalous Voters and Aberrations in Its Voter Rolls to Impact a Statewide Election

Mississippi voter roles

Mississippi citizens invited the Fractal quantum technology team to audit the Mississippi voter rolls – and the results, as you can see in this video, are surprising.

The reddest state, or one of them, has voter rolls with enough obvious aberrations – found with Fractal quantum compute in less than 45 minutes – to impact a statewide election.

What you will see in this video – has been sitting dormant in Mississippi, and 26 other states’ voter rolls, for 25 years – completely missed by national voter integrity organizations.

Mississippi has honest, diligent, highly patriotic election management at the state level.

The Mississippi Secretary of State, Michael Watson, is a national leader – almost alone – demanding voter rolls be free of illegal alien voters.

The Mississippi Secretary of State office provided very clean, professional, inexpensive, data exports. Of the 26 states where the Fractal team received voter rolls, those in Mississippi were by far the most professional.

The office of the Secretary of State offered the team every bit of cooperation – Mississippi citizens ought to be pretty pleased the Secretary of State team there is vitally interested in any data they can get on how to improve voter rolls.

Even a great Secretary of State office, like Mississippi’s, doing all the right things, can have very inaccurate voter rolls if it has crappy tools.

Mississippi uses relational technology/SQL – like every Secretary of State in America, and every voter integrity organization and thus vast numbers of invisible anomalous voters remain on the rolls.

Nobody could have done a better job than the Mississippi Secretary of State with relational technology – it is a tools problem, not a people or talent problem.

Mississippi is not alone.

As the Fractal team showed in the Georgia video, quantum compute demonstrates there is no way Biden can be declared the winner in Georgia 2020 – Fractal quantum tech compared the official Secretary of State Georgia cast ballots which contradicted their own voter histories.   …full story

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