BREAKING NEWS: Biden did NOT take a cognitive test during physical because he ‘doesn’t need it,’ White House says

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Story by Nikki Schwab, Senior U.S. Political Reporter At The White House For

  • White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed Wednesday that President Joe Biden did not take a cognitive exam as part of his annual physical
  • ‘His doctor, including the neurologist, do not believe that he needs one,’ she said at Wednesday’s press briefing
  • Biden made a surprise trip to Bethesda Wednesday morning to get checked out by 20 doctors at Walter Reed

The White House confirmed President Joe Biden did not take a cognitive test during his annual physical on Wednesday, and insisted he ‘doesn’t need’ one.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre brushed aside concerns the 81-year-old is not fit for a second term and touted his record.

She dismissed the need for a cognitive, despite the Department of Justice calling him an ‘elderly man with a poor memory’ in the special counsel report on his mishandling of classified documents.
‘His doctor, including the neurologist, do not believe that he needs one,’ Jean-Pierre said at Wednesday’s press briefing.

She responded: ‘Folks need to understand that the president passes a cognitive test every day!’

Jean-Pierre also pushed back when a reporter asked for Biden’s doctor, White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor, to address the press in the briefing room.

‘There is not a precedent for bringing the doctor to the briefing room. I understand it has happened a few times over the last 35 years, a couple of times, but it is actually not the precedent,’ she said.

Yet during the tenure of former President Donald Trump, Dr. Ronny Jackson, now a U.S. representative for Texas, appeared in the briefing room where he applauded the Republican’s good genes.   …full story

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