Republicans Pass Bill Preventing Expansion of IRS

The House has passed a bill clawing back $80 billion that was to be used to expand the Internal Revenue Service through the hiring of some 87,000 new agents.

The vote, touted by new Speaker Kevin McCarthy as an instance of a promise made and kept, was 221-210.

Tea Party Patriots Action praised the action in a statement:

“During President Obama’s time in the White House, Tea Party Patriots and other conservative groups were targeted by the IRS as part of a deliberate strategy of harassment and intimidation. TPP and our members have very good reason to fear an expanded, emboldened IRS — once again answering to a Democrat President. Defunding the IRS will protect our pocketbooks, in addition to safeguarding our civil liberties.”

Hours before the Monday night passage, President Joe Biden’s Office of Management and Budget laid into a House Republican bill seeking to reverse new funding for the Internal Revenue Service, calling it “reckless.” full story

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