Biden Spokesperson Admits They Cannot Deny Authenticity of Emails (WATCH)

Biden campaign admits authenticity of email

To put it mildly, the Biden campaign was thrown a curveball in the form of Hunter Biden’s emails and the admission of guilt they contained in terms of dealings with Ukraine and China that sold foreign aid for benefits to Burisma as was agreed upon by Burisma and expected of Hunter Biden.

With help from the media (and social media), they have been trying to cover up the impending scandal.

They don’t want to even talk about it, even though silence might implicate their candidate in the eyes of the people.

Biden himself has blown off questions or just ran away from reporters.

But one Biden surrogate got a lot of pressure from Fox News—and it looks like she buckled with an admission:

Biden campaign surrogate Jenna Arnold repeatedly refused to deny the authenticity of the alleged Hunter Biden emails reported by the New York Post when asked by Fox News’ Leland Vittert, responding instead, “I don’t think anybody is saying they are inauthentic.”

A Biden campaigner admitted to Fox News that they cannot deny the authenticity of the emails. The contents of those emails is of utmost importance.

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