OWNED! Biden Supporter Insists Trump is Racist – But Watch What Happens When Trump Supporters Whip Out Video of Biden Saying “You Ain’t Black”

You Ain't Black

A Biden supporter in Los Angeles, CA this week confronted a group of Armenian Trump supporters and insisted Trump is a racist.

The Trump supporters hit back and said Biden is the racist because he’s the one who told blacks that “they ain’t black” if they vote for Trump.

The Biden supporter pushed back: “He didn’t say that! Show me and I’ll tear this [poster] up!”

So the Trump supporters whipped out their smart phones and rolled the tape!

The look on the Biden supporter’s face is priceless.

The video was posted to Twitter by Republican congressional candidate for CA district 27, Johnny Nalbandian.
As the Biden supporter walked away, he turned around and said, “You’re Armenian. This isn’t your country.”

How tolerant!


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And here is a clip of the original statement where Joe Biden said that if you don’t know if you are for him or Trump that, “you ain’t black.”

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