Biden Contradicts Himself During Debate, Both Claiming and Disowning ‘Green New Deal’ BUT His Website Calls It ‘Crucial’ (SEE SCREENSHOT & VIDEO)

In the first presidential debate held on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 Joe Biden said he would use the Green New Deal if he were elected President of the United States.

Then when asked again, he said that he did NOT support the Green New Deal. This contradiction is par for the course when it comes to Biden and politics. Watch below:

But if you went to the Biden-Harris website as of September 29, 2020, the so-called Green New Deal is described by the Biden campaign as “crucial.” See screenshot of the Biden-Harris website below:

Biden-Harris website on Green New Deal

Forcing the Green New Deal onto America will cost $93 trillion which will mean that Joe Biden’s wish for $4 trillion in new taxes will leave the American people broke and impoverished. Not to mention the rights that will be trampled on and the livelihoods that will be destroyed.

It is also interesting that both China and Russia support America implementing the Green New Deal – though NEITHER would implement it in their own countries because of the financial devastation that it would cause.

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