Austin BLM Mob Attacked Right-Wing Journalist Savanah Hernandez, Stole Her Phone — BUT SHE FOUGHT BACK (VIDEOS)

Savanah Hernandez Attacked by BLM

Black Lives Matter in Austin physically assaulted right-wing journalist Savanah Hernandez and stole her phone.

Hernandez fought back and attributes that to keeping her from being greatly harmed.

In a video explaining what happened, Hernandez says she was mobbed by approximately 10 BLM militants after one of them recognized her and began shouting her name. She was punched in the back of the head, knocked to the ground, and had her phone knocked from her hand and stolen when she attempted to film her attackers.

In a video of the attack, someone can be heard repeatedly shouting “f-ck her up.”

One person can be heard enthusiastically urging people to keep it a “peaceful protest.”

“I turned around and I felt someone punch me in the back of the head,” Hernandez explained. “I fell down to the ground and I popped back up. As you guys can see, my face isn’t really messed up at all and I didn’t really take too many punches to the face because I don’t think they were expecting me to fight back or defend myself. They quickly learned that I was going to.”

Hernandez tweeted that she will be filing a police report.

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