Left-Wing Dark Money Sweeping The 2020 Campaign

Leftwing Dark Money

Michael Bloomberg and secretive left-wing dark money figures are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the 2020 presidential election. One America’s Richard Pollock sat down with an investigative researcher at the Capital Research Center to discuss this troubling issue.

This is on the back of the discovery that money donated to the organization, “Black Lives Matter,” was being funneled into Democrat campaign funds and on a Fox News anchor stopping Newt Gingrinch and insisting that George Soros’ name not be brought into discussions about the riots, assaults, and property damage that he directly funded by providing money to Antifa for bail, food, and support during organized riots.

These amounts are massive, being over 100 million dollars, and calling into question campaign finance laws in addition to outright election interference.

A lot of this money is hidden by being funneled through an organization known as the Independence USA PAC which distributes money to promote gun control, regulations on businesses with to stop so-called Climate Change, and to promote education policy that is friendly to liberal or so-called “progressive,” thinking.

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