Government Forming UFO Commission Based On Trump’s Promise For Transparency

In August of 2020, Fox host Lou Dobbs had an exclusive and televised discussion with President Trump.

In that discussion, the President promised transparency on the issue of UFO’s on the back of the Pentagon admitting the existence of UFOs and their ignorance on what they are and whose they are.

Mr. Dobbs asked the President, “A lot of my friends are very concerned about what the federal government is doing when it comes to UFO’s or if I could just ask you, are you going to commit more resources to exploring UFO’s and open the documents to the public?”

The President answered, “Well, I think probably in this country, you are the UFO expert, so I’m going to be totally guided by the great Lou Dobbs and I will tell you that I will do whatever you ask me to do, including total transparency.”

Following that interview and the statements of President Trump, CNN reports that the Pentagon is forming a UFO task force.

According to that report, the task force is being headed by Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist and will be announced soon.

Other entities with sway in D.C. have recently pushed for the nation’s intelligence apparatus to address the topic as well.

In June, the Senate Intelligence Committee asked the Pentagon to take a look at recent videos of U.S. aircraft having run-ins with foreign objects, then tell the public what’s going on including potential dangers.

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