Are Fires In The West ‘Climate Change’ Or Arson? See Video Of Fire Being Set

Forest Fire Washington

With the fires set to buildings, vehicles, and homes already by the groups known as ANTIFA and BLM, they should at least been seen as suspects in the fires on the west coast of the United States.

A viral video shows security camera footage of such arson in Washington.

What’s more, in a tweet from September 10, 2020, the account called Scarsdale Antifa claimed, “We and other chapters of Antifa around Oregon have collaborated to ignite fires around the state to draw attention to the #climateemergency.” Attention was brought to this post by the Instagram account @cmburnes2015.

ANTIFA Claims Fires In Washington

The Instagram account known as Dreamrare, also known as An0maly, posted a commentary on the forest fires and their likely cause. See his video below:


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