GOP Leader McCarthy Slams Speaker Pelosi For Pushing Progressive Agenda In Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

Kevin McCarthy

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 7:17 AM PT — Friday, March 27, 2020
As the House prepared for Friday’s crucial vote on Congress’s most expensive economic recovery legislation in U.S. history in an effort to tackle the coronavirus, partisan fighting continued to play out ahead of the motion on the bill.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed Democrats on Capitol Hill Thursday after Speaker Nancy Pelosi proposed her own pork-filled progressive version of the virus relief package earlier in the week, which delayed the Senate’s vote until Wednesday night.

“Those people wanted to debate election law, Green New Deal or sanctuary cities in a bill that is meant to assist those who are struggling…families or health and our security,” said McCarthy. “Everyday matters is we debated a solution that would deliver much needed relief.”

Before he took the stage, Speaker Pelosi stood at the lectern and touted the Democrats’ efforts to change language in the bill to reshape the legislation to fit their agenda.

“We did jiu jitsu on it…that it went from a corporate first proposal that the Republicans put forth in the Senate to a workers first, Democratic worker’s first, legislation,” she stated. full story

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